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About Incurable Dreamer

Welcome. My name is Jacques, aka the Incurable Dreamer. This website is the place where I collect the various creative projects that I have on the go. For the most part those projects relate to writing and board game design. As those projects near completion I will consider which ones I may be able to publish myself and which ones may require more expert publishers.

The upkeep of this site happens in spare moments here and there and must, in any case, remain subordinate to the actual creative projects which the site is meant to represent. For that reason not all of the projects under way will be represented here at any given time and some may not list the most up to date information.

Although, now that I think about it, this site is itself a creative project for me. I learned how to design a website from scratch just for this site. I maintain it because I enjoy doing so. I hope that in the future it may also serve as a connection point with other dreamers out there.

About Jacques


My academic career has taken me on a long road starting with a degree in Engineering Physics from the University of Alberta all the way to my current PhD program in Hebrew and Old Testament at the University of Toronto. If you were to infer from that single sentence that I have a wide range of interests, then you would be correct. Since childhood I've loved reading fiction, playing strategy games, and learning new things. As far back as I can remember I have wanted to write my own books. More recently I became interested in designing my own games (both for entertainment and for education) and experimenting with website design and programming. The latter is the most prominent holdover from my days as an engineering student where my favourite classes involved C++, assembly language, and Matlab. I indulge in as many of these hobbies as time allows. Doctoral studies and family keep me quite busy after all.

You can follow me on Twitter using @jejboulet. If you do so, take a moment to introduce yourself and tell me how you found the webpage. I have also kept a blog where I collect some thoughts and solutions related to board game design at this tumbler page:

Dreams Supported

We like to see the dreams of others come true. This is a record of the dreams we have been involved in, even if sometimes in a very modest way.