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Dreams Made into Books

Our first book project is currently underway and information should be made available in the near future. Adam is a story about a young boy trying to understand right and wrong in conversation with the important people in his life. As should be the case with all young boys, Adam has his share of fun along the way.

The style of the book itself is something of an experiment which I hope will be interesting to readers. After taking a graduate seminar about the literary conventions of ancient Hebrew writers I had the idea to incorporate some of their techniques into a modern story. In particular I have prioritized dialogue and action over the narrator’s role, meaning that the characterization of the various characters requires the reader to make up his or her mind about the various persons and events rather than having me tell you what to think. Another element borrowed from the Hebrew writers is the use of relatively short scenes often involving only two characters. This element allows both the author and the writer to draw near to the characters and immerse themselves in what is simultaneously a simple narrative and a rich experience. The style of Adam is a blending of these ancient styles with the modern ones we are familiar with.