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Centauri Rift News

A 2-4 player version of Centauri Rift was chosen as a finalist in the Gamehole Con 2015 Board Game Challenge. Very exciting! That means we got a shiny ribbon accolade on Centauri Rift's page on The Game Crafter website. That page also includes some action shots and a rules document for those interested.

Recently Centauri Rift was digitized using the new website. Since we backed the Kickstarter project we got in during the beta and added Centauri Rift as their 118th game. Right now Centauri Rift is free to play online in two different setups. The first setup is basic for 2-4 players with Rhinos only. The second setup is for 2-6 players and includes 2 Rhinos, 2 Screeches, and 2 Hammers.

We are currently looking for a publisher for Centauri Rift. Please contact Jacques using the information on our contact page if you are interested.

Overview Videos

Thanks to my brother in law David Dueck we have a great overview video for Centauri Rift showing the ships and most basic mechanics. Below that there is also a video I made myself for entry into the 2016 Canadian Board Game Design contest which includes some of the newer features like the campaign and item cards.

Original Video (Dec 2015)

More Recent Video (May 2016)

What People Are Saying About Centauri Rift

Matt Games

Matt Games contacted me to review Centauri Rift when the 2-4 player version was named a finalist in the 2015 Gamehole Con Board Game Challenge. Matt had this to say about Centauri Rift:

"I really did enjoy the 4 player version a lot."

"This game for our family was a solid 9."

Check out the review video by Matt and his boys (Jan 31, 2016):

The Kentucky Bored Gamer

Tim Blackburn, aka The Kentucky Bored Gamer, contacted me recently after finding the Centauri Rift page on TableTop Generation. He was excited by the concept and asked if I would send him a review copy. I agreed and am glad to say that if Tim is bored it isn't because of Centauri Rift! Tim had this to say:

"The game in and of itself is a masterpiece in my mind. There are a few things the dev [developer] is working on but they're small things. This game is great as is and I HIGHLY suggest you check it out."

Check out Tim's full written review (March 14, 2016) complete with several photos of the prototype here:

Centauri Rift Description

Centauri Rift, designed by Jacques Boulet, is our current leading project. It is a game of ship to ship combat set in the Centaurus constellation during a future war of independence. Earth’s colonies in the Centaur’s Heel have had enough of excessive taxation and ill treatment and are vying for the right to self determination.

Players play as ship captains working to outmanoeuvre their opponents in a tactical and limited three dimension space environment. As captains, players must balance their use of weapons and energy with securing the most advantageous position. The basic game comes with three ship models, each with its particular set of weapons and abilities. If we are fortunate enough to proceed to an expansion phase there are already several more ship models planned.

One of the game’s biggest strengths is its flexibility and scalability. Players may play against one another in either team or individual play and they may play either for points (Centaur Ace) or with annihilation (Last Ship/Team Flying). Also, the game scales from intense 1 on 1 encounters to epic fleet battles. The time needed to play the game is proportional to the number of ships in the fight, about 15 minutes per ship.

We are very glad to have beautiful artwork for the game done by Daniel Allen (see more of his work at

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