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Welcome to our website where we gather together the various strands which relate to our book and game projects. We originally thought we would self publish our projects, but that seems unlikely for now. But, as the name says, I dream and dream and dream and cannot be cured of it.

As of December 2015 we have found that PhD studies keeps one rather busy. That work must take priority, so this side project has proceeded more slowly than we would like in recent months. Nevertheless, work continues little by little on our creative projects. For instance, Centauri Rift was recently a finalist in a board game contest and has also been digitized through the new website Tabletopia. We're not sure what this new technology will mean for Centauri Rift, but it is pretty cool.

Our primary project

In the summer of 2014 we received the first prototype of our game Centauri Rift, a strategic game of ship to ship combat set in a future war of independence. Since then we have continued to refine a few aspects of the game and to pursue options for publishing. If you are interested in publishing Centauri Rift go to our contact page to get in touch.

Future projects

We anticipate that the next project will be to publish the first book by our own author and game designer, Jacques Boulet. The book, known currently under the name Adam, follows a young boy as he tries to understand morality in the context of the various relationships and influences in his life.

Besides those two projects we have several board game ideas just waiting to be developed into full fledged projects. Most promising is a board game called Suzerains and Vassals, a game of warfare and trade set in the age of city states in the ancient Near East.