Available to Buy: Incurable Dreamer Playing Cards

A Fresh Take on the Traditional Suits

There’s nothing like a traditional deck of cards for flexibility on family game night. The little kids don’t need to be able to read; just recognize numbers, letters, and symbols. The number of games you can play with a regular 52 card deck is probably uncountable. The whole thing fits in your pocket. That is a list that’s hard to beat.

But there’s no reason you can’t have fun with tradition and give it a new spin. That’s what I did with this set of cards. I took the same classic suits and gave them fresh symbols. Sometimes that meant something reflecting real life more closely (e.g. hearts), and sometimes that meant playing with words (e.g. clubs). The face cards got a new spin as well. You can learn more about the cards on this website or on their TGC page.

Incurable Dreamer Playing Cards
Designed by Jacques Boulet