Available to Buy: Liar’s Dice

The classic dice bidding game (with 6-sided dice)

Yes, this is a different set of Liar’s Dice from the one published last week. There are two differences. First, this set uses 6-sided dice instead of 4-sided dice. The gameplay is similar, but the increased possibilities make this game just a little more challenging. Second, these sets with 6-sided dice are much more affordable!

I have packaged three convenient sets (2 Players, 4 Players, and 8 Players).

Liar’s Dice is a fun, quick game that you can play between games, for light entertainment with company, or even as a mini game in your RPGs. Each player begins with five dice. On your turn you have the choice to raise the bid or challenge the last bid. When a challenge occurs, the loser must give up a die. The last player with dice wins. You can learn more about the game on this website or on its TGC pages: 2 Players4 Players8 Players.

Liar’s Dice
2-8 Players (depends on the set)
10-20 minutes
By Jacques Boulet