Available to Buy: Pen & Sword

Pen & Sword: A Trick-Taking Dice Game for Two Players

Pen & Sword is one of my favourite designs. It is an easy to learn, quick to play game for two players in the style of old fashioned trick-taking card games – only, this is a trick-taking dice game. The beauty of this style of game is that it is highly replayable. The more you play, the more you develop your skill at the game. That said, you are always at the mercy of lady fortune, meaning that experienced players and newbies can still enjoy playing together.

Pen & Sword is now available to buy print-on-demand through The Game Crafter (TGC), an American business based in Wisconsin. You can learn more about the game on this website or on its TGC page.

This game is perfect for date night, for playing between longer games, or for introducing new and young gamers to the delight of tabletop games.

Pen & Sword
2 Players
15-20 minutes
Designed by Jacques Boulet