A game of memory and strategy

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Quick Facts

  • 2-4 Players
  • 30 minutes
  • Designed by Jacques Boulet
  • Available to buy print-on-demand from The Game Crafter website


Remembrance is a compact, easy to learn game for the whole family. You have gotten yourself trapped in another dimension and will need to use memory and strategy to get back out.

Turns are simple. You begin by flipping two cards over. If you choose, you may use the ability on one card. If the cards match, you collect the set and take a bonus turn.

The winner is the player with the most points at the end of the game. You collect points for each card you have matched plus bonuses.

Every player who reaches the portal receives a 5 point bonus (and gets to go home!).

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Production and shipping is handled by The Game Crafter, a company based in Wisconsin. Because this game is produced print-on-demand, please note the following:

  • Purchases are added to the print queue and shipped when ready.
  • Production costs are higher than for mass produced games. Most of the listed price goes toward production, and a small amount goes to me.
  • Shipping costs are in addition to the listed price.
  • Listed price is in US dollars.